Welcome to IndieWeb Utils documentation!

indieweb-utils is a Python library that provides building blocks for people implementing IndieWeb applications. This library also contains implementations for some specifications that may be useful in IndieWeb applications.

To install IndieWeb Utils, use this command:

pip3 install indieweb-utils

You can import the package using the following line of code:

import indieweb_utils

Below, you will find links to all of the methods available in IndieWeb Utils.

This project is licensed under an MIT license.


Feature Set

This package provides functions that cater to the following needs:

If any of the above use cases resonate with you, this library may be helpful. Please note this library does not fully implement all IndieWeb specifications.

Rather, this library provides a set of building blocks that you can use to speed up your development of IndieWeb applications.

Here are a few of the many applications that may benefit from the functions provided in this library: