All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[0.8.0] - 2023-03-09



  • add_footnote_links() replaces [n] and [^n] links with HTML <a> tags that link to each other.

  • reduce_image_size() abstracts the PIL resize feature to provide an easy utility for image resizing.

  • Paginator class creates paginated list with generators to navigate through each page in the list.

  • process_salmention() compares stored and live version of a page to find new and deleted responses. Optionally, Webmentions can be sent to all response URLs that are present on both pages.

  • remove_tracking_parameters() removes UTM parameters and optionally custom provided parameters from a URL.

  • is_site_url() checks if a URL is on a specified domain.

  • slugify() removes all characters in a URL that are not alphanumerics, a period, a dash, or an underscore.

  • Added types for Trackback code that did not have complete typing.

[0.7.2] - 2023-03-02

[Released without changelog notes. Requires backfilling.]

[0.7.1] - 2023-03-02



  • process_trackback function to process a Trackback request and return a response.

  • SUCCESSFUL_PING and ERROR_PING constants to use in the process_trackback function and for use in custom Trackback validation logic.


  • Fixed import statements for rsd_trackback_discovery, discover_trackback_url, and send_trackback functions so that they can all be imported from the top-level of the library.

[0.7.0] - 2023-03-01



  • rsd_discovery function to find values associated with keys in a Really Simple Discovery file.

  • send_trackback function to send a Trackback to a specified URL.

  • discover_trackback_url function to discover the Trackback endpoint for a specified URL.

[0.6.2] - 2022-10-21


  • send_webmention now looks for a message in a message key and has a fallback if one cannot be found. This information is returned in the title and description values in the Webmention response. The message will be blank if one cannot be found.


  • Fixed a bug where the send_webmention function raised an error when trying to retrieve a message from an endpoint.

[0.6.1] - 2022-10-21

No change. Changes moved to 0.6.2.

[0.6.0] - 2022-10-18



  • Support for sending private Webmentions in the send_webmention function.

  • New docstrings documenting parameters used to send a private webmention using the send_webmention function.

  • Support for validating private Webmentions in the validate_webmention function.

  • New docstrings documenting parameters used to validate a private webmention with the validate_webmention function.

  • validate_webmention returns the text and a parsed Beautiful Soup tree of the source of a validated Webmention in the WebmentionCheckResponse return object.


  • discover_indieauth_endpoints function to discover endpoints mentioned in the IndieAuth spec and ticket endpoints used in TicketAuth, a proposed extension to IndieAuth.


  • Added tests for discover_indieauth_endpoints function.

[0.5.0] - 2022-10-13


  • get_reply_context now performs discovery on property and name values for og:image, twitter:image:src, description, og:description, and twitter:description tags.


  • Added new tests for the get_reply_context function.

  • Added responses.activate decorators to remaining tests that did not already have this decorator present. This ensures all tests run on the contents of local files rather than making network requests to get data from a page.


  • get_reply_context would use a h-entry even if the h-entry only provided a URL and no other content.

  • indieweb_utils.SCOPE_DEFINITIONS can now be imported into a project. This previously returned an ImportError exception.

[0.4.0] - 2022-10-11



  • Documentation for the discover_endpoints function.

  • The indieauth_callback_handler function returns the JSON response from an IndieAuth endpoint represented as a dictionary instead of a blank dictionary.

  • The discover_endpoints docstring contains an example about Microsub and an updated common values list. This is because we recommend use of the discover_webmention_endpoint function for Webmention endpoint discovery.


  • get_reply_urls to retrieve all of the URLs to which a specified page is replying.

  • get_page_name to find the name of a page per the IndieWeb Page Name Discovery algorithm.

  • get_syndicated_copies to retrieve all of the URLs to which a specified page has been syndicated.


  • Added test cases for:

    • get_reply_urls

    • get_page_name

    • get_syndicated_copies

  • Updated test cases for get_reply_context were to look for description values where appropriate.


  • The indieauth_callback_handler function no longer raises a JSON error during the _validate_indieauth_response function call.

  • The get_reply_context function now returns a description based on the first two sentences of the e-content of a specified page if a summary cannot be found when analysing a h-entry.

  • The get_reply_context function returns a string summary value instead of a dictionary or a list.

  • get_reply_context now looks at og:description and twitter:description meta tags for a description if a description value cannot be found. This happens when analysing a page that does not contain a h-entry.

[0.3.1] - 2022-10-10

Fixed import issue in setup.cfg so PyPi can discover the README for indieweb-utils.

[0.3.0] - 2022-10-10



  • Provide docstrings for all functions in the library that did not have a docstring.

  • Fix docstring rendering issues with library documentation so that all docstrings show up on Read the Docs.

  • Add :raises: statements to docstrings to document existing

  • Add code examples to docstrings and remove redundant examples from RS documentation.

  • Add a policy.

  • Split up documentation into more sections to enhance one’s ability to navigate the documentation.


  • discover_h_feed() function to discover the representative h-feed on a page.

  • get_valid_relmeauth_links() function to find both one-way and bi-directional rel=me links on a web page.

  • get_representative_h_card() function to get the representative h-card associated with a web page.

  • get_url_summary() function to generate a summary from a URL, based on the experimental CASSIS auto_url_summary PHP function.

    • This function provides examples for GitHub, Twitter, Upcoming, Eventbrite (.com and, Calagator, IndieWeb Events, and the IndieWeb wiki.

  • autolink_tags() function to replace hashtags (#) with relevant tag pages and person tags (@) with the names and domains of people tagged.

  • Create internal helper functions:

    • get_parsed_mf2_data() to retrieve microformats2 data from a page given a parsed mf2py.Parse object, a HTML string, and a URL.

    • get_soup() to retrieve a BeautifulSoup object from a provided HTML string and URL.


  • Added test cases for:

    • discover_h_feed()

    • get_representative_h_card()

    • get_valid_relmeauth_links()

    • get_url_summary()

    • autolink_tags()


  • Support importing IndieAuth functions directly from indieweb_utils without having to use indieweb_utils.indieauth..

  • Simplify get_h_app_item() logic.

  • Raise HAppNotFound exception when get_h_app_item() cannot identify a h-app microformat.

  • Renamed _discover_endpoints to discover_endpoints.

  • discover_endpoints can raise a requests.exceptions.RequestException if there was an error making a request to retrieve an endpoint.

  • discover_webmention_endpoint() can now raise LocalhostEndpointFound, TargetNotProvided, UnacceptableIPAddress, and WebmentionEndpointNotFound exceptions when there is an issue validating a webmention.

  • send_webmention() can now raise MissingSourceError, MissingTargetError, UnsupportedProtocolError, TargetIsNotApprovedDomain, GenericWebmentionError, and CouldNotConnectToWebmentionEndpoint if there was an issue sending a webmention.

  • send_webmention() now returns the HTTP status code and headers of a successful webmention.

  • get_post_type() raises an PostTypeFormattingError exception if an invalid custom_properties tuple is provided.

  • get_reply_context() raises an ReplyContextRetrievalError if there was an error retrieving context for a URL. This function also raises an UnsupportedScheme error if a URL does not use either HTTP or HTTPS.

  • validate_webmention() can raise WebmentionIsGone or WebmentionValidationError exceptions if there was an error validating a webmention.

  • canonicalize_url() returns the exact URL passed in if the URL contains a protocol that is not HTTP or HTTPS.

[0.2.0] - 2022-02-15


  • Constants that document different scopes one may want to use in an IndieAuth server.

  • Test cases for all main library functions.

  • Web page feed discovery function now looks for more MIME types by default.

  • New exceptions to throw various errors.

  • Add X-Pingback support to feed parsing.

  • Use urllib to retrieve domain names, protocols, and paths throughout the library.


  • Use tox, black, isort, flake8, and mypy to control quality of code.

  • Type hints are used for all functions.

  • New documentation has been added for all functions in the library.

  • New code snippet examples to function docstrings.


  • get_h_app_item function to retrieve a h-app object from a web page.

  • validate_authorization_response function to validate an IndieAuth authorization response.

  • _verify_decoded_code function that verifies a decoded code in an IndieAuth request.

  • generate_auth_token function to generate an authentication token as part of an IndieAuth server.

  • redeem_code function to handle token redemption in an IndieAuth server.

  • send_webmention function to send a webmention.

  • validate_webmention to validate a webmention according to the Webmention specification. Vouch support is implemented as an optional feature to use during the validation process.

  • get_profile function to retrieve profile information from a h-card on a URL from a URL.


  • Functions now return documented objects instead of arbitrary dictionaries.

  • Exceptions are now thrown instead of returning None values or empty dictionaries.

  • Fixed various bugs in the reply context function.

  • Refactored test cases.

  • Code has been formatted using black and isort for readability and adherence to PEP 8.